Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garage sale GLAM

So...My 22 year old son has caught the FEVER!! He stopped at a garage sale and bought these chairs!! He even talked them down on the price!! He paid $40 for BOTH of these chairs! He was so proud, as am I!! I paid him $150 for the pair, so $110 PROFIT in his pocket! Well, I got right to work on one of them. I painted it gray, then did a black "wash" on it. I added this fancy damask fabric and VIOLA~ GARAGE SALE GLAM!!!



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  2. I am visiting Frisco and was in McKinney just 2 days ago. wish I would have found you before then for some tips os shopping and thrifting. I will follow your blog, facebook and pinterest. I'm MAY DAYS saying HI!


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